Make Your Home Look Like New With Custom Finished Ranch Baseboard

Ranch style base board. Every end will be machine Koped™ for the best possible fit on every inside corner!

  • Choose the Wood Type from the Wood Species drop down (Oak, Maple or Poplar)
  • Choose the correct finish from the Stains/Paint drop down (26 choices)
  • If you want plain base with no stain or seal coat, order “#73 – Raw” as your stain
  • If you want a custom stain or paint, you will need to contact WDI via email or phone 1-651-464-6190
  • Order by the foot (choose a quantity of 550 to get 550 feet of the the item selected)
  • The natural characteristics and variations of wood can alter the overall color appearance even among the same wood species
  • *NOTE: Stock pre-finishes are guaranteed ONLY when applied to the wood species they are presented on. Applying a stock stain to a wood species OTHER than the species it is presented on is not guaranteed to match and will LIKELY vary in color from our stock color wood samples
  • On screen color representation can also introduce great variations. For best results and closest match, select the stain color from our color swatches
  • Price listed is per linear foot – order by linear foot

(BB-WDI-H308) Base Board - by the Foot

  • Choose Wood Type *

  • Note *

    Wood Type and Stain Wood Type Should MatchThe wood type shown in parenthesis in the stain drop down choices is the wood type the stain is presented on in the stain sample images. The type of wood you choose (above) should match the wood shown in the stain name to achieve the closest color to that shown on the color samples.
  • Choose Finish Type (Stain/White/Clear Coat/None) *

  • How Many Feet *

    Min: 8

  • Factory Coped (Koped) Ends - no charge *

  • Pre-Apply 3M Industrial Adhesive (no nail application)-no charge *

  • Price Adjuster *

H308 Ranch Style Base
H308 Ranch Style Base

Ranch Baseboard 2-3/4″ x 3/8″ – H308

This Ranch Baseboard seamlessly complements various decors! With a height of 2 ¾ inches and a thickness of 3/8 inch, this versatile baseboard is available in three wood types: Oak, Poplar, and Maple. Choose from a selection of 26 standard Stains/Paints or opt for a raw finish! Each piece is meticulously machine coped, ensuring professional and effortless inside corners.

Why New Baseboard?

Many homeowners replace their baseboards due to age or damage. This simple task not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but can also increase its value. Elevate your home’s look and atmosphere by replacing baseboards and casings with WDI Factory Finished Baseboards & Casings! Enjoy the ProAdvantage – a DIY project minus the mess of staining or finishing in your space, eliminating strong odors and fumes. We even offer pre-assembled door and window casings for added convenience!

Self Adhesive Application of Baseboard with Koped End
Self Adhesive Application of Baseboard with Koped End

Easiest Install

Introducing another WDI ProAdvantage innovation: our baseboards come with industrial adhesive pre-applied to each piece. The adhesive, an Industrial Grade 3M™ product, allows you to peel off the liner and effortlessly press the baseboard into place. This instant, permanent adhesive not only saves you time and effort but also eliminates the need to patch nail holes after installation.

Custom Factory Finished

To clarify, our Ranch Baseboard is offered custom factory finished in one of our 26 standard stains, or you can utilize our color matching service for a perfect match. Say goodbye to the mess and hassle of staining baseboards, and reduce exposure to odors and fumes. Each piece of Ranch Baseboard is Koped™ at both ends, ensuring impeccable inside corner joints, and comes with pre-installed 3M™ industrial adhesive for an instant and permanent bond. Enjoy the convenience and quality of WDI ProAdvantage!

If you want to update the look of your home, one of the easiest ways is to install new trim/moulding. Start by installing custom, factory finished Ranch Base board today!


Wood Species

Oak, Maple, Poplar


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