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When you take the ProAdvantage from WDI, we help you reduce time in the home and the mess of onsite finishing!

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Why WDI ProAdvantage?

Every contractor wants to offer the best results with the least chance of problems. Use the WDI ProAdvantage to reduce labor time, reduce time on-site and still offer the best possible results to your clients. See the video’s above (to see just how easy our products make completing your project).

Below are the top reasons for contractors to use the WDI ProAdvantage! 

Factory Finished


WDI ProAdvantage 26 Standard Stain choices

  • Pre-Finished in factory
  • 26 Standards Colors Including Bright White and Clear Coat
  • Custom Color Matching Available
  • Consistent Stain/Color
  • Finish is Applied Under Ideal Finishing Conditions

Reduced Labor/Better Results


  • Save 30 to 40% in Labor
  • No Staining/Painting
  • Koped™ Ends – No Hand Cutting
  • No Nail Holes to Putty
  • Made in Minnesota
  • Scan Code for our Location (or click on it!)
  • Take the Contractors Advantage – Contractor Pricing Available  – Call us at 651-464-6190 for Details

Koped™ (Coped) Ends


  • Koped™ Ends on Both Ends of Every Piece of Baseboard and Shoe
  • Contractors Preferred Join Method for Inner Corners
  • Most Forgiving Join Method
  • Idea for Imperfect Conditions Giving Improved Results
  • Avoid Gaps in Corners by Using Koped Ends

Nail Free Application


  • Nail Free Installation
  • 3M™ Industrial Adhesive pre-applied to each board
  • Instant Adhesion
  • Drywall will pull apart before Adhesive will release
  • No Nail Holes to Putty
  • No Cracking Boards

Less Mess


  • Reduce the On-Site Mess
  • No Noxious Odors
  • No Staining/Painting/Drying & Repeat Process
  • Finish is Applied Under Ideal Factory Conditions

Made in Minnesota


  • We’re located minutes from either Downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis
  • All of the Product are Produced at our Factory in Forest Lake, MN 
  • Pick up Your Order at our Location or…
  • We Can Ship – Shipping Costs are Not Included in the Online Ordering Process Due to the Varied Sizes and Configurations of Our Products
  • Shipping is Figured and Quoted Separately

Contractors Discount


Contractor Pricing

  • What more can we say!
  • Create an account
  • Contact us before you order
  • Call at 651-464-6190
  • Provide your valid Tax ID
  • Your discount will show up automatically in the price!
  • Yea, we know we mentioned this in number 2 too!