Make Your Interior Look Like New Again with Bi-Fold Factory Finished Doors

The Interior Door Market is currently price volatile.  We are not putting prices on our site, but will gladly give you an estimate of what new Interior Doors will cost. Please call Dan Kammerer at WDI Companies ( 651-464-6190 ) to get a quote on your new doors.

Replacing interior doors is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your home or office. Either your door reached it’s natural lifespan and needed to be replaced or the look has become outdated. Either way, replacing doors can be one of the easiest ways to upgrade the appearance of your home.
The most difficult part of replacing a door is most likely having to apply paint of finish to your door(s) to match the look of the rest of your home. Let WDI give you the ProAdvantage by factory finishing your doors for you! We offer 26 standard finishes, including White Supreme and a simple Clear Coat. All of our finishes are applied in a 3 part finishing process; Stain, seal, & top coat. All this is done in-house with no mess or smell in your home or workspace.


Bi-Fold Interior Doors, Oak, Hollow Core


  • Factory Finished Interior Doors
  • 26 Standard Finishes
  • Clear Coat and Supreme White Included
  • For our 3 step factory finish process, we apply:
    • Stain
    • Seal Coat
    • Top Coat
  • Custom stain match available
  • Mounting hardware included 
  • Flush Mount
  • Hollow Core
  • Oak

Housing prices are rising like crazy, and with the interest rates at the level they are, buying a new home can be an overwhelming process.  If you have a home you like but, want something new, it might be time to dress up your interior spaces with new, custom finish doors and millwork! 

Bi-Fold Doors

Check out these bi-fold Oak doors. They can be custom stained with any of our 26 standard finishes. If you want a clear coat only, we can do that as well or we offer a White Supreme finish too.  Maybe you want to do your own decorating, we can provide these doors with no coat at all!  If none of our 26 or if you have a specific color requirement, we have the ability to do a custom color match.

Base Boards

If you want to improve resale value, or just give your place a new look, but don’t want to move, new interior doors and millwork may be the perfect answer. 

Check out our options for baseboard, we have 12 options of baseboard, each with at least 3 options for wood type. All can be factory finished to your requested color.


Update your casings with our extensive casing options. We have 14 different casings with each version hafing 3 to 5 wood type options. With our 26 finish options, and color matching capabilities, we are confident we can get you the perfect casing options to accent and update your home. 

Stair Parts

We also offer stair parts to completely update your internal stairways or just replace part with are worn out or damaged!

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