Window Casings, Ranch (WDI-113W) Order by Window Size – Pre-Assembled

Ranch Style Casing

  • Choose the Wood Type from the Wood Species drop down (Oak, Maple or Poplar)
  • Choose the correct finish from the Stains/Paint drop down (26 choices)
  • If you want plain base with no stain or seal coat, order “#73 – Raw” as your stain
  • If you want a custom stain or paint, you will need to contact WDI via email or phone 1-651-464-6190
  • Order by the board (Select the length of the board and the quantity of that length)
  • The natural characteristics and variations of wood can alter the overall color appearance even among the same wood species
  • *NOTE: Stock pre-finishes are guaranteed ONLY when applied to the wood species they are presented on. Applying a stock stain to a wood species OTHER than the species it is presented on is not guaranteed to match and will LIKELY vary in color from our stock color
  • On screen color representation can also introduce great variations. For best results and closest match, select the stain color from our color swatches
  • Measure from the inside of the jambs. If unsure, see examples in image gallery.
  • The pre-assembled window casing will have a 3/16″ jamb reveal.
  • We will add 7″ to the measurement you provide to cover the width of the casings on both ends. We also round up to the nearest foot.
  • Measurements should be in decimal format. Use the chart below to convert fractions to decimals

Fractions - Decimal Equivalents - 500px

(WS-WDI-113W) Casings by Window Size

  • Wood Type: *

  • Note *

    Wood Type and Stain Wood Type Should MatchThe wood type shown in parenthesis (in the "Choose Finish Type" drop down choices below) is the wood type the stain is presented on in the stain sample images. The type of wood you choose (above) should match the wood shown in the stain name to achieve the closest color to that shown on the color samples.
  • Finish Type: *

  • Measuring Height and Width *

    Tip:Measure from the inside of the existing jam box.
  • Width (in Inches) *

  • Height (in Inches) *

  • Perimeter *

  • Quantity *

  • Window(s) Location *

    Max: 30 characters

  • Total Cost *

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Ranch Style window casings complement most any décor. Choose from Poplar, Oak or Maple wood.

You also can choose from one of our 25 standard stain/paint choices or just get it unfinished (raw) with no stain, paint or clear coat.


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