Create a New Look the Easy Way with Hook Strip MDF Casings

Base board shoe which can go with any style base board. Every end will be machine coped for the perfect fit on every corner!

  • Choose Primed or Supreme White Paint
  • Order by the foot (choose a quantity of 550 to get 550 feet of the item selected)
  • Price listed is per linear foot – order by linear foot
  • ** When you order Base Boards and Base Shoe by the foot, your order will consist of approximately 80% 16 foot lengths with the remainder made up of 12 foot or shorter pieces as required to get to your order amount. **

(BTB-WDI-1543-MDF) Hook Strip Casing by the Board - MDF

  • Wood Type - MDF *

  • Choose Finish Type (Primed or Supreme White Paint) *

  • Choose Board Length *

  • Remove Length from Price *

  • Price Per Board *

  • Quantity *

  • Calculate Total Price *

Hook Strip - No Measurements - Vertical
Hook Strip

MDF Casing – Hook Strip 3 1/2″ x 5/8″

  • 3 1/2″ x 5/8″ dimensions
  • Available by the board,  available in either 8′ or 16′ lengths
  • MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard
  • Choose primed or Supreme White Paint

Why is MDF a good choice for your casings?

MDF casings are an engineered wood product made from wood fiber’s and resin, as MDF boards have a uniform density and thickness, they are easy to machine and finish. They have a smooth, flat surface making it ideal for laminating, painting, and veneering. MDF warps and swells less than particle board. For cabinetry, furniture, and shelving, MDF is an economical alternative to solid wood.

More Consistent Eco-Friendly

Cutting, drilling, and shaping are easy with good dimensional stability. MDF comes in various thicknesses and grades, including moisture-resistant and fire-resistant varieties. Due to its recycled wood fibers, MDF Board contributes less to deforestation and is an eco-friendly option. MDF indoors is considered safe due to its low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

ProAdvantage “Pre-Assembled”?

Did you know you can get MDF Casings for your Door and Windows Pre-Assembled? We make it super easy to install your door and window casings. Whether you are a DIYer or a contractor, you will want to take advantage of the easiest install possible! We let you choose the the molding style, the wood type (where appropriate), the finish (for MDF it’s primed or Bright White, but we can color match as well). Follow the instructions to give us the EXACT dimensions of your door or window  and we will pre-assemble the door or window for you. Getting perfect corners is usually the most difficult part of installing trim, so let us take that step out of the equation and make it as easy as possible.  Each pre-assembled piece will be identified with the name or location you provided on the order form. 

WDI ProAdvantage is all about making it easier for the Pro’s and the DIYer. Do better trim and get the ProAdvantage with WDI Factory Finished Casings!



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